2015- 2016 District & Board Goals

2015-2016 District Goals

 1. Continue to review the alignment of the district’s Personnel to ensure the most effective structure is in place to deliver instruction and provide oversight of student outcomes.

  • 2. Assess the district’s technology needs and make adjustments as needed to ensure that technology is enhancing student learning and is supported through professional development.
  • 3. Through long-range facilities planning, implement a plan to provide a secure learning environment that meets the instructional space needs of the students.
  • 4. Improve the accountability for student achievement within all schools through curriculum alignment, scheduling, and the use of multiple assessment measures.



2015-2016 Board Goals

 1. Improve communication :

  •  - Through advocacy
  •  - Between the board, administration, and community through the proper channels consistent with the roles a Board has with each of these groups
  • 2. Engage in board training
  •  - Become a NJSBA Certified Board.  Need 12 credits over a 3-year period, a Policy Wellness Check and a review by of one of the district’s bargaining agreements by NJSBA.
  •  - Refine the Board’s committee structure to enhance communication and trust
  • 3. Continue to practice fiscal responsibility
  •  - Seek alternative revenue sources