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Bloomfield PowerSchool Administrative Portal


Bloomfield PowerSchool Teacher Portal


Bloomfield PowerSchool Parent Portal

( Please note that while parents can create accounts on the Portal, they must obtain from their child's school an 'Access ID' and 'Password' to view the grades and attendance records. Contact the school for more information. )

Bloomfield PowerSchool Student Portal 

Resources for Parents on Use of the Parent Portal

Parent Portal Quick Reference Guide

Parent Portal Full User Guide for Parents / Guardians


Training Resources for Faculty & Staf

PowerSchool's PowerSource (All Staff with a Bloomfield account have an account on PowerSource.)

Link for Self-Registration in Pearson PowerSource (MUST use legitimate email address.)

Training Videos for Teachers RELATED TO PowerTeacher Pro - the new HTML Gradebook

(All require login to PowerSource.)

PowerTeacher Pro: Using the Scoresheet (Learn how to use the PowerTeacher Pro Scoresheet to score assignments.)
PowerTeacher Pro: Filling Comments  (Learn how to fill comments and use the Smart Text feature in PowerTeacher Pro)

PowerTeacher Pro: Modifying Standards Grade Calculationss  (For K-5 teachers, learn how to modify standards grade calculations in PowerTeacher Pro.)

PowerTeacher Pro: Creating and Duplicating Assignments (Learn how to create and duplicate assignments in PowerTeacher Pro.


Training Videos for Teachers 

Elementary Standards Report Card - How To  (Requires PowerSource Login)


PowerTeacher Gradebook: Getting Started (First of Three)

PowerTeacher Gradebook: Working with Grades: (Second of Three)

PowerTeacher Gradebook: Analysis and Reporting: (Third of Three)

PowerTeacher: Seating Charts

Quick Reference Guides

PowerTeacher App Guide

PowerTeacher Gradebook: Getting Started

PowerTeacher Gradebook: Working With Grades




Managing Daily Attendance

Communication Tools

Search Directions


PowerTeacher Gradebook

Health Management Guide

Data Access Tags

NJ State Reporting (Abbrev)

Additional References

NJ School Register

Additional District Resources

District Training Server Administrator Portal

District Training Server Teacher Portal
Version 10 Training Server for Administrator Portal (ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITHIN THE DISTRICT)
Version 10 Training Server for Teacher Portal (ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITHIN THE DISTRICT)
Version 10 Training Server for Parent/Student Portal (ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITHIN THE DISTRICT)
PowerPoint from PowerSchool on How to Use Standards-Based Grading WithOUT Numbers or Averages  (Requires PowerPoint or Viewer)
The PowerSchool Training Server portals are accessible ONLY within the District, or via District Terminal Services, both of which require valid  passwords and appropriate access rights. If you do not have a functioning password on the training server, create a Tech Help Desk ticket, or email a PowerSchool administrator.)